Warner Bros. Creative Talent

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Through Warner Bros. Creative Talent, young people of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and insight right across the UK creative industries.

From film and TV, to video games and theatre, skills and training options include:

  • Higher education scholarships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Trainee positions on every Warner Bros. film production in the UK
  • Training course places at Chickenshed
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory placements

To find out about specific opportunities available to you now, take a look at the Opportunities page.
For general enquiries, please contact us.


  • A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper.

    Stanley Kubrick
  • It’s important as an artist to look at the world in a unique way. Be comfortable with yourself – and resist the pressure to conform to stereotypes or what’s expected. Tap into whatever strange beauty you see in your subject that you want to share with others.

    Tim Burton
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Current Seasons

Meet the talented young people that make up Warner Bros. Creative Talent - Season Three

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Arran - Scholar

BA (Hons) in Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne

How are you involved in Warner Bros. Creative Talent?
In my third year at Ravensbourne University doing a Digital Film Production degree I was able to apply to Warner Bros. Creative Talent and was awarded the scholarship.
What does it mean to you to be part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent?
Its an absolute honour to be a part of a studio that has been at the forefront of filmmaking from the very beginning. It means a very great deal to me to be a part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent and I’m really looking forward to taking full advantage of all of the opportunities that are offered! I think this is a very important step in my career.
What do you hope to achieve in your career?
I want to earn a living doing something that I love, and being creative. I’m a very visual person, so filmmaking and Cinematography is the perfect way to express myself. I want nothing more than to do well and be successful as a Cinematographer.

I want to earn a living doing something that I love, and being creative. I’m a very visual person, so filmmaking and Cinematography is the perfect way to express myself.

Who do you most admire in the industry?
The cinematographer Conrad Hall is a huge inspiration. The way he creates environments where the story can tell itself through the imagery is truly inspirational. Jack Cardiff is also definitely one of my biggest inspirations, and someone who I greatly admire. His whole work ethic – the fact that he never really wanted to retire because he loved his job so much. That’s all I aspire to do in life, be in a line of work that I love so much that I don’t want to stop doing it. Filmmaking and Cinematography is that career path for me.
Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised by?
I have a twin brother. Throughout almost all of my childhood I was home educated. I also did a lot of travelling around the world, especially to India (6 times). So I grew up having completely different experiences from other children, and I like to think this makes me approach situations in a different way. Also, when I was 11, the BBC made a short documentary about the fact that me and brother were home educated. This was one of the things that really opened my eyes to filmmaking and was one of the fundamental things that made me realise that this was a career I wanted to pursue.


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Rachel - Apprentice

Edit Assistant Apprentice at Shed Media

Tell us about being a part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent - Season One and what’s the experience has been like?
The whole experience has been so overwhelming, being part of an extremely successful company while working on a TV show that I grew up with and loved as a kid. It’s also so nice experiencing all this alongside the others on the scheme as we are all at a similar stage in our career but all have completely different goals and we will hopefully all collaborate in the future.
How did you find the Masterclasses and did you have a favourite?
I loved the master classes and I wish I had been able to go more of them. My favourite by far was the Sound and Movies master class at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea. This was my first insight into dubbing and I’m so lucky that my first experience was of such a large scale.
What are your next steps after this?
When my contract on Waterloo Road is up I’m hoping that I’ll move onto another production in an Assistant Editor role. I am also hoping to write a play and further develop an idea I have been working on for children’s TV.

You need to put yourself out there and grab any opportunity that comes your way.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about applying for a Warner Bros. Creative Talent scholarship, apprenticeship or training course?
I would just say that you need to put yourself out there and grab any opportunity that comes your way and no matter what job you are asked to do, just do it to your best ability and hopefully people will remember that.
How has being part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent helped you pursue your chosen career in the industry?
They say that the hardest part of getting into the industry is getting your first job and getting your name out there. Warner Bros. Creative Talent has given me this initial opportunity which I hope will lead onto more exciting projects.