Warner Bros. Creative Talent

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Through Warner Bros. Creative Talent, young people of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and insight right across the UK creative industries.

From film and TV, to video games and theatre, skills and training options include:

  • Higher education scholarships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Trainee positions on every Warner Bros. film production in the UK
  • Training course places at Chickenshed
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory placements

To find out about specific opportunities available to you now, take a look at the Opportunities page.
For general enquiries, please contact us.


  • A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper.

    Stanley Kubrick
  • It’s important as an artist to look at the world in a unique way. Be comfortable with yourself – and resist the pressure to conform to stereotypes or what’s expected. Tap into whatever strange beauty you see in your subject that you want to share with others.

    Tim Burton
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Current Seasons

Meet the talented young people that make up Warner Bros. Creative Talent - Season Three

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Shivani - Scholar

MA Digital Effects at the National Film and Television School

What does it mean to you to be part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent?
Warner Bros. has always produced content which has inspired me. I am incredibly honoured to be apart of an opportunity which offers invaluable experience. I have received a lot of support from my family and friends however; Warner Bros. Creative Talent has offered an unimaginable amount of support towards my studies at the National Film and Television School and I am truly grateful. I can now pursue my dream in gaining a career in the visual effects industry with the resources it has provided me. As a result, this opportunity will also allow me to devote more time to focus on enhancing my knowledge and skills to emulate the high standards.
What do you hope to achieve in your career?
After completing my MA in Digital Effects at the National Film Television School, I endeavour to contribute to the British VFX industry, where I hope to obtain a career specialised in CG Environments working for the top VFX houses in London. I hope to contribute to the Film and Television industry whilst working on some of the largest productions from all genres. Once I have accumulated an appropriate amount of experience, I would be interested in taking a lead or supervising role for visual effects.
What is your favourite Warner Bros. film, TV, game or theatre production?
Warner Bros. has continuously produced films that captivate me. My favourite Warner Bros. Film production is the Harry Potter Film Series. It was the Harry Potter films which interested me in the VFX industry. I enjoyed watching the behind the scenes and I was fascinated by how the collaboration of the various departments was split into specific specialisations. It was the detail and thought that was put into the film, which allowed it to come together to produce a great spectacle. The film also permitted development. Techniques were continuously advancing and overall the ten-year production created great recognition for the British VFX Industry.

Warner Bros. Creative Talent has offered an unimaginable amount of support towards my studies at the National Film and Television School

Who do you most admire in the industry?
The industry is full of inspiring individuals. Attending NFTS has allowed me to sit amongst the audience whilst some of the industry’s greatest talents share their experience with us. However, the collaborative work of Paul Franklin has been a great interest to me, which I have followed and been inspired by for quite some time now. There are numerous interests which Franklin embraces that I find completely fascinating. He has work on various large budget films, for Director’s such as Christopher Nolan and developed advanced solutions for the film industry which enhances film making. For example, the three-dimensional world in Interstellar was pre-made prior to filming so the actors were able to interact with a world which was visible, as opposed to just a green screen. This significantly improves the acting and quality of the film, as the actors are able to visualise and interact with the on screen world they are in.
Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised by?
If I had to tell you something about myself that most people are surprised by, I would tell you that when I was younger I was a baton twirler. My team and I represented England in the junior division at the International competition held in Germany. An example of this is also shown in Miss Congeniality as Cheryl Frasier, Miss Rhode Island’s talent act. Baton Twirling was a hobby and a passion. I enjoyed every part of the experience from the team relationship, six hour training sessions, nerves, to performing and receiving awards. More importantly, this was even more enjoyable as my mum and aunty supported and motivated my cousin and I to the best of our abilities.


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